Photography is much more than just pressing the shutter button. Our passion is reflected in professional photography, videography and creative media design. 


Personenfoto Frau mit weißer Kappe

Sprey photo studio
Out of love for craft

Much more than just photographers

Craft is the profession that is learned in a apprenticeship characterized by tradition. It consists of manual work performed with hand tools. A camera alone will never produce a good picture, which is why photography is much more than just pressing the shutter button. Our work consists of artistic craftsmanship – in conception, design for visual marketing, photography, videography, image editing, media design and printing.

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Bringing products to life.

Unique, individual and professional – these are the characteristics of our product photography. Our goal is to bring your product ideally into focus to achieve the maximum advertising impact. Therefore, a photo of your product should not be just any photo.

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Fotografie Verpackungsbox
Foto einer Verpackungsbox

Graphic &
Packaging design

Because the first impression counts.

When you hire us, you get effective graphic design. With our work we make sure that you get the necessary attention in advertising and are successful with your offer. We provide you with tailor-made concepts that we create in a target- and media-oriented manner.

The packaging is the first thing the customer sees in the store. Whether insert with shoe, banderole, box, package, bottle or can – the packaging must meet these requirements at all times: adequate protection of the product, easy handling and an aesthetic design that promises more.

Social media 003



Social media photography

Content that works.

A tool that has become indispensable in every marketing strategy: social media. When is a social media post impressive? When it is relevant, original and visually appealing. Our goal is to combine and harmonize these components with the help of visual representation.

360 degree 004



360 degree photography

Impressive all around.

In 360-degree product photography, we transform your product into an interactive presentation. On the basis of this kind of representation you show your products from every side. Your customers have the possibility to “grab” and rotate the product, so they can view exactly the part of the product that is interesting for them.

Video 005




Create added value.

Create reach, generate growth and market products with commercials and short videos optimally. Videography makes it possible to create true added value: Telling a story and thus strengthening the brand, increasing attention and attracting new customers.

Use our creativity for your filming success and get into videography with us.