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Media design



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Out of love for design

The interplay of images, graphics, videos, symbols and fonts, aesthetically processed into the form-giving framework of new media and channels – this is media design.

A well thought-out approach is needed when editing, adapting and optimizing visual communication.
The creative touch and attention to detail are essential components for a convincing appearance. Our team in the desktop publishing department, works passionately every day to achieve the perfect result for you.

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Fotografie Verpackungsbox
Foto einer Verpackungsbox

Packaging design

Because the first impression counts.

The packaging is the first thing the customer sees in the store. Whether it’s an insert with a shoe, a banderole, a box, a package, a bottle or a can – the packaging must meet the same requirements at all times: adequate protection of the product, easy handling and an aesthetic design that promises more.

Packaging design includes the choice of shape, size, as well as materials of the corresponding packaging. Color and graphics are also important factors that influence the perception of the product. In addition, there is the appropriate labeling and rounding off functional aspects such as user-friendliness. Style guides, guidelines for barcode properties, logos, certificates, recycling instructions. We address every single aspect.

From the first conceptual design to the professional photography, which are optimally coordinated, to the final result, we are there for you.

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Grafikdesign am Bildschirm

Graphic design

Communicate without speaking.

Creative and effective – this is what characterizes our work in graphic design. Typography and a meaningful visual language are the essential elements that convey a message to the outside world as part of graphic design.

When we develop a concept for you, we work closely with you from the very beginning. The challenge here is to bring the message in line with the brand identity. Based on the brief, research and other sources of inspiration, it must be a result with a strong message that fits your business.

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Image editing

For absolute perfection.

Image editing refers to the modification and enhancement of digital images. This way, only the best features of your products  and exactly the accents the photo needs are highlighted to convey the message.

Our professional team enables optimal image retouching. Every image is cleaned up to the smallest detail. Color matching is done with the product on the true-color monitor. We have the necessary know-how as well as the feeling for aesthetics and the eye for details. So that every picture that leaves our house is completely perfect.