Fotografie Frau mit Kappe




Personenfotografie Frau in Decke eingehüllt

Out of love for the picture

With the most diverse setting parameters, we succeed in setting the decisive accents. The main focus lies on the perfect, aesthetic effect, always with the goal of creating unique images. The photographer creates an image by specifically choosing a particular subject, composition, colors, contrasts, and more. Taking into account the details such as reflections, sharpness, perspective and exposure so that pinpoint, target-oriented images are created. Our claim is to place the respective motif ideally and to present it in such a way that it comes into focus optimally and is perceived with all its characteristics.

Mode 002



Modefotografie Mann mit bunter Kapuzenjacke

Fashion photography

Stylishly set the scene

Ideally represent fashion items. What starts with the optimal choice of models goes thanks to our stylists via the eye for detail and the appropriate posing of the model on to the perfectly thought out staging. The challenge is to recognise the developments in the fashion industry, to identify trends and styles and to transmit emotions with fashion because clothes always give a certain feeling to the person wearing them. Combining this with the requirements and wishes of the customer is what fashion photography is all about. 

Textiles 003



Foto mit Blume

Textile photography

Let your pictures speak.

With textiles, it is important to give the customer a sense of how they may feel and what color they radiate. So it all comes down to optimal presentation.
Especially the texture should be displayed well visible. To get a feeling for the material composition of the material, texture, pattern and shine are considered and represented when creating the photos.

Interior 004



Interiorfotografie einer Diele

Interior photography

A place to feel good.

It depends on the right composition for the optimal staging. The image must convey a home-like ambience, so that the customer gets an impression of how his own place of well-being could be furnished.

The placement of objects, the use of lines and structures, and the use of empty spaces create an appealing scene. Other elements, such as decorative items, serve to visualize your own four walls. In this way, our visual marketing designers create new worlds in which your products are highlighted in the best possible way.

Product 005



Product photography

Bringing products to life.

Unique, individual and professional – these are the results of our product photography. Our goal is to bring your product ideally into focus to achieve the maximum advertising impact. Therefore, a photo of your product should not be just any photo. Product photography represents an important part of marketing. It makes products more tangible for customers and creates a first impression of size, shape, texture, material and color. Our photographers pay attention to the most important details to be emphasized, the right angle of view, perfect lighting and authentic staging. After image processing, we present the final result to you in the form of appealing, concise product photos in the best high-end quality.